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Seraphiel Fully Rendered by EyeoftheDragon237 Seraphiel Fully Rendered by EyeoftheDragon237
A full rendering of SERAPHIEL, the Immortal Warrior's sword wielded by the archangel Peter in the Lost Innocence Saga.

Named after the most powerful angel under God in Heavenís mythology, Peterís legendary blade was presented to him by Saint Michael, when he became an archangel of the Holy legion. It was reforged from the Sword of Truth, an evil blade which Lucifer attempted to kill Peter with, stabbing him in or near his heart. Lucifer left Peter for dead, bleeding on the floor of his prison cell within the ninth layer of Hell.

Somehow, Peter survived; and now he has a personal oath of vengeance against Lucifer. The swordís exact method of creation is unknown. It was most likely created by dark sorcery drawn from the evil in Peterís damned soul, to use Satanís words, ďforged by the lies in his black heart.Ē Unbeknownst to Satan, the act of creating this magical weapon may have actually drawn out the evil in Peterís soul, thus cleansing him and making him worthy of redemption.

It is a mystery how this evil blade fell into Godís hands. The legend does not say. It could
be that Seraphim Roseís ďmissionĒ, along with rescuing Peter, was to bring this blade back to Heaven so it could be used against Satan. Once God obtained the sword; his master artisan angel-smiths were given the task of creating this fantastic hybrid weapon with one single purpose: to kill Lucifer with his own power, and destroy his evil Guardians once and for all.

Containing the combined powers of both Good and Evil, Light and Darkness and all four Elements, Peterís weapon is unstoppable. Its blade cannot be broken or damaged in any way, and when Peter touches it, itís power flows into him and makes him invincible to demons.

The sword seems to have a spirit and mind of its own, however. Peter swears that when he is in the heat of a fierce melee, his sword actually moves his body and guides his arms so he does not even have to think; he just has to hold on tight lest it be knocked out of his hands and he becomes vulnerable. He just lets the weaponís will guide him and seek out the targets it wants to destroy.

Seraphiel kills by devouring souls. The more souls it absorbs from defeated enemies, the more powerful it becomes. Its blade glows orange when evil forces are nearby and bursts into flame to show its rage.

Seraphiel is still an evil sword, despite its being used to destroy evil. It dispenses justice, yet it also corrupts. In the Saga, we see how Peter is merely a slave to its will and it controls him, more often than he controls it. Its God-imbued powers barely contain the evil force that resides within it. At one point while Peter is fighting Pride, Lucifer speaks to Peter through his sword and tries to take control of his mind, nearly killing him. Peter instead flies into a near-suicidal rage and attacks Pride from above, thus killing the dragon instantly.

At any other time, the sword obeys only Peter. If any other person tries to hold it or so much as touches it, its sheer power will consume the hapless victimís soul and they will die a very painful death. Seraphim Rose was able to use it once briefly to save Peter in the Final Confrontation, but the attempt nearly killed her. She was only able to save herself with the healing powers of her blessed tears.

The secret to Seraphielís power lies partly in its composition, which is as supernatural and bizarre as its origin.

The blade is an alloy of steel, titanium and diamond, making it somewhat translucent, yet very hard and all but unbreakable. It would be impossible to manufacture such an alloy on Earth with any means known to man. Its core is hollow, with a rod of iron inside it that slides freely along the length of the sword, lending extra weight to swings and blows.

It has several gemstones or crystals embedded in the blade and handle which are able to absorb and store energy; charging the sword with spiritual power from consumed souls. The blade is also conductive, acting as a lightning rod; attracting electrical discharges and storing them in an acid container within the handgrip which functions like a battery.

Seraphiel is very heavy; its entirety weighs about one hundred earth pounds. Its center of gravity is off balance due to the shifting weight within its blade, making it very awkward to handle. It therefore requires great physical strength and dexterity to wield, and Peter is theoretically the only human strong enough to wield it effectively. Truly a one of a kind weapon; completely unique to its owner.

No one knows what happened to Peterís sword after it destroyed Lucifer, along with Hell itself. Perhaps it destroyed itself after its intended purpose had been fulfilled. Some believe that it still floats somewhere out in the cold Void, awaiting a time that it will be needed again.

The blade is inscribed with Ezekiel 25:17 on one side, and on the other side has been engraved Godís dedication when he presented the sword to Peter.

ďLook upon me and be afraid, for I am Saint Peterís sword. Seraphiel is my name, and it means holy defender. I am both swift and terrible, and all who oppose him shall taste my fury.Ē

Then around the hand guard near the hilt are engraved the three principles Peter and all Archangels live by: STRENGTH. COURAGE. HONOR.
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